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Top 5 Lug Boots: Rubber Sole

Top 5 Lug Boots

Boots are a fall staple, and in honor of the punk revival, why not go with some lug soles? Granted the trend is more glam punk (kind of an oxymoron), but no matter! It’s fun and these boots are made for walking, which is not always the case. From Doc Martens to platforms, lug soles have been giving us traction both fashionably and functionally for many seasons. I have my sights set on the Belstaff Barrows (at Saks Fifth Avenue for $1,050). The tall profile and extra hardware add even more edge to the lug style. See which others thick soles are destined to excite…

Top 5 Lug Boots

Stella McCartney Faux Leather Platform Ankle Boots: These high-rises are not for the faint of foot. The chunky platform smoothes out into a sleek ankle, creating a distinct silhouette that’s sure to get noticed. Pair with a cute floral dress to up the shock value. At Saks Fifth Avenue for $1,180.



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