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Warrior Princess Jewels: The Good Fight

Warrior Princess Jewels

While summer jewelry is light and airy, fall brings heavy, mixed metals the likes of which you’d see decorating only the greatest of warriors. What better to forge a fighter princess cuff in than gunmetal? The fearsome Halaby Daniel bracelet (on Luisa via Roma for $535) can wield serious authority on the fashion front. Maybe it’s because I’ve got Game of Thrones on the brain, but the ancient look of these pieces seems kind of erotic. Pair them with flouncy dresses to play off the carnal vibe. And don’t forget fierce shoes – a warrior princess wouldn’t stalk around in anything less.

Warrior Princess Jewels

Lucifer Vir Honestus Rose Gold Cannolo Ring: This is gold plating taken to the extreme. It looks like the metal melts onto your finger, and once it’s on, you’ll never want to take it off. At Barneys New York for $9,430.



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