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Ana Khouri Rose Gold Diamond Hand Cuff: Wrap and Roll

Ana Khouri Rose Gold Diamond Hand Cuff

Not the kind of hand cuff you’d expect – far better! Ana Khouri’s creation wraps gently around your hand like a sophisticated snake (it’s handmade from 18k rose gold and 1.5 carats of diamonds!). This is for the Jewel Snob who has everything because frankly, it’s pricey. Considering a hand cuff is such a novelty, I’m not sure it’s worth the investment. You couldn’t exactly wear it to work (unless you work in the coolest office ever). If you don’t want to commit, Catbird has a similar option ($170) for far less that’s slightly adjustable, unlike its solid gold counterpart. You’ll probably get more wear out of this anyway – it’s casual, yet chic. Break these out for elegant events or even small parties with friends. Whichever cuff you choose, you’re guaranteed a crowd of admirers! Available on NET-A-PORTER for $21,050.



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