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Charlotte Olympia Decodent Sandals: Walk of Fame

Charlotte Olympia Decodent Sandals

At first glance, the spell checker in me was irritated by “decodent,” only to realize it was a play on Art Deco. Clever. The glimmering heels were inspired by golden era movie theaters like the Pantages (I have season tickets and still I spend as much time marveling at the ceiling as I do the stage!). The design also reminds me of the Sydney Opera House – its gorgeous mixed metallic details rise out of the shoe just as dramatically. I love Charlotte Olympia’s entire Hollywood collection. It’s glamorous, campy, and fantastical – everything people envision the famous neighborhood to be (until they actually go there and realize WTF – it’s gross here!). Like Hollywood, fashion is all about imagination and illusion, and what better than these to fulfill those dreams? The designer’s chunky signature platform is the perfect stage to put on your own show. Available on NET-A-PORTER for $1,075.



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