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Elise Dray Dragon Articulated Ring: A Jewel of Fire and Ice

Elise Dray Dragon Articulated Ring

Chalk it up to me being in Asia (and a Game of Thrones addict), but I’m suddenly drawn to all things dragon. If I can’t have a real one to turn my enemies to ash, I’ll just have to get my fire and ice from Elise Dray’s articulated full finger ring. Even though the French designer’s collection is only four years old, the fantastical scope is far from small. This white gold creature alone is covered in more than 2.5 carats of pave diamond scales and black diamond fins, and the details are incredible – down to the black diamond eye! While you might think it’s pricey, just remember that Daenerys Targaryen got 8,000 unsullied for one dragon (if you’re not a Game of Thrones fan, that’s 8,000 slave soldiers for one of her three dragons). So really this is a deal – and a diamond-encrusted one at that! Available on Luisa via Roma for $18,667.



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