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Lanvin Trilogy Croc-Effect Leather Shopper: Caught in a Trapezoid

Lanvin Trilogy Croc-Effect Leather Shopper

What is this terrible shape? A trapezoid with wings?? I was disappointed earlier this year that all bags started looking the same, so I get the desire to veer from the norm. Sadly, the bit at the top here looks really out of place, and that’s only emphasized more by the croc-effect and accidental-looking handles. If only you could fold the gussets in, yet that’s not an option because that’s where the optional shoulder strap attaches (the fact that they’re smooth leather, instead of croc-effect, doesn’t help with the confusion). Though it pains me to criticize my beloved Lanvin, I have to call it like I see it and what I’m seeing just doesn’t make sense. This may have been inspired by Alber’s chic signature folding and draping, but by the looks of this bag, it could do with some refolding… On NET-A-PORTER for $2,490.



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