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The Launch of

The Launch of
We’re excited to announce the launch of! It’s crazy to think that our blog started eight years ago as a fun hobby to indulge in while our babies napped. All we wanted was a place to share our lifelong love of bags, never expecting the incredible experiences that would follow. Now we’re on to the next phase of Snob Global Media – The new umbrella site combines all six blogs into one, making it easier than ever to navigate through all our content. If that weren’t enough, we’ve also added Snob Living to the list of channels that will cover Food Snob, Travel Snob, Art Snob, Home Snob; essentially everything for Snob Living. The look is revamped, but the idea is the same – to enjoy the good things in life. Get ready to experience Snob like never before!

The new site will launch on Monday, July 8th. All the current sites will be redirected to the new one, so you won’t have to do a thing.



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