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Go Makeup Free Like Jen Aniston


Jen Aniston’s friend and hairstylist Chris McMillan posted a picture of the actress on Instagram a few days ago without a stitch of makeup and wow does she look amazing! I love that she hasn’t gone crazy with the Botox. Her forehead lines add to her carefree image without distracting from her beauty and she seems to have great skin. This has to be one of the only non-shocking celebrity without makeup pics, am I right?? A key to her complexion must undoubtedly be that she wears sunscreen every day because her year-round tan suggests that she loves the sun. This is such a great opportunity to underline how important it is to wear sunscreen every single day! While a baseline tan does offer some protection (it’s equivalent to an SPF 4), just because you’re not getting burned doesn’t mean you aren’t causing damage. Those UVA rays – the ones that do not leave you red – are the ones responsible for skin cancer and skin aging so lather on protection…it’s the cheapest and most effective way to ward off wrinkles! To that end I’ve been obsessed with Ren’s BB Cream ($38) ever since trying it a few weeks ago. It’s by far the best BB Cream I’ve tried to date. I have very light skin, but the one size fits all color works well for me (would not suggest it if you have medium to dark skin). It gives me a slightly darker tint, while evening out my skin and protecting it from the sun. It goes on smooth and quickly (I apply it haphazardly and that’s not a problem..), and while I’m not one to wear makeup to the gym, sometime I look like such sleep-deprived hell in the morning my skin needs SOMETHING – this is perfect for that.


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