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Lori Greiner Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet: Hidden Treasures

Mirrored Jewelery Storage Cabinet

This is the most brilliant invention ever. I’ve been looking for a way to store my fashion jewelry (it’s big and chunky – definitely not fit for a delicate little box), and here it is! Lori Greiner‘s full-length mirror hides away all of your valuables, helping to best maintain your sanity, time, and space. I keep the mirror I have now in the hallway outside of my bedroom where the light’s best (you can tilt this cabinet to get the best angle) and ample room to see head-to-toe looks. It’s important to store your jewels well, and with this Silver Safekeeper anti-tarnish lining you’ll be able to keep them tarnish-free for 25-40 years. Hooks, bracelet rods, and shelves provide space for up to 350 pieces. There’s even room for long necklaces, which is always a problem. Maybe now I can finally have a clutter-free dresser (well…we’ll see). On Fancy in antique oak or white for $234 each.



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  1. Yes….kelly, I am virtually kissing you. Excellent call on this piece, and the price point is good as well. Bravo!