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B Brian Atwood Marella Ankle Strap Pumps: Walking on Air

B Brian Atwood Marella Ankle Strap Pumps

Brian Atwood is the hottest man alive. Sorry, Tom Ford, but this is true. Not only is he hot, he listens to women. He heard cries from around the world about how uncomfortable his gorgeous shoes are so what did he do? He made the world’s best pumps to live in. We all need a pointy pump staple this season, and this pair is mine. It has a totally manageable 3 1/2″ heel with ankle straps for sturdy strutting, but it is the insole that is blowing my mind. The entire thing is laid with puffy clouds of quilting so you feel like you are walking on a soft mattress. The point is also not that pointy so it isn’t exceedingly narrow – I was told it is the pinching and scrunching of the toes that cause back pain. The straps are a bit overdone, but these are my schlepping pumps for days when comfort must win over style. At Shopbop for a well priced $395.



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