Balenciaga Padlock Envelope Clutch: Compact Crusader

Balenciaga Padlock Envelope Clutch

I’ve been all about the envelope clutch lately. Credit Fashion Week! In all the hustle and bustle of the crowds rushing from show to show, sleek and chic is best. Varying textures on this Balenciaga (smooth and lizard textured leather surround the center canvas panel) give it depth and serious sophistication, but ultimately, it’s very versatile. Envelope clutches coordinate with any outfit whether you pair them with tailored suits or use them to downplay your most exuberant looks. We’re accustomed to a decent amount of hardware on Balenciaga bags, yet the thinness of this clutch is matched by equally quiet hardware – just a simple padlock closure. While the light gray acts as a neutral, the blue canvas keeps the bag from getting too basic. What would you wear with it? Available on Matchesicon for $903.



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