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Innies, Luxury Bag Pillows: It’s What’s Inside that Counts


Okay, the outside of our bag is really the important part, but what you do to protect that from the inside is much more crucial than you’d think. Let a bag to sit on its own and the leather will eventually lose its shape, leaving it looking sad and neglected. Or worse, creasing the precious delicate leather. Yes, you also have to worry about your bags getting wrinkles. I thought I was being clever by filling mine with those plastic pillows Amazon uses as packing material, but my precious bags deserve better! Innies are luxury pillows for your bags, and when it’s a luxury bag, don’t they at least deserve better than what is essentially trash? After you invest in a bag, you also have to invest in keeping them in perfect condition otherwise it will be money wasted (not to mention, a serious heartbreak). My Picotin pictured below has been the biggest problem maker for me since as you can see, it has no shape of it’s own. The Innies stand up on their own so it will hold up the sides no matter how floppy your bag is. These will help your bags stay as pristine as when you first got them. Innies comes in segments, allowing you to fold along these creases to match the pillow perfectly to the shape of your bag. Now you’ll have to excuse me – I’m going to count how many more of these I’ll need to order! Available in mini for clutches ($14.99), medium for most bags ($19.99), and large for really large totes like my Picotin ($29.99), get them at Innies. Comes in champagne or hot pink.






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  1. Great product! I should have thought of this. For years, I have been stuffing my bags with everyday pillows of varying sizes for the same purpose. Pillows are great because they are malleable yet offer resistance to preserve the shape.