Jenny Patinkin Brushes: The Top 10

Jenny Patinkin Brushes

I’ve been using Shu Uemura brushes since I was 16, so I’m a serious Brush Snob. The quality of others rarely comes close, which is why I was blown away by Jenny Patinkin’s set! She sent me her entire line along with a fantastic case, and the whole thing was incredible down to the very last bristle. The silky brushes are handmade by Japanese artisans using the finest natural fibers and are designed to make application easy, minimizing mistakes. The simplicity fits right in with Jenny’s makeup mission statement – “Lazy Perfection.” Lazy doesn’t work without the right tools, though. It doesn’t matter how great your makeup is if you’re using a low quality applicator. The blending and saturation are just not possible with a flimsy brush that won’t get the powders to adhere to the fibers. You end up with a blotchy application that falls off onto your cheeks instead of staying on your eyelids.

My favorite brushes are the Concealer (for flawless blending), the Eye Liner Smudge (to perfect the smoky eye), the Domed Eye Contour (designed to fit right in your crease), and the blush brush, which offers complete control without the harshness of rough bristles against your skin. The 10-brush set is the best value. You make your investment one time and never have to buy brushes again. Though if you’re not ready to commit or don’t need the whole shebang, you can choose either the face set ($260) or the eye set ($160). For those who forgo the full line, just remember to pick up a case ($35)! The travel friendly tube (available in taupe or pink) lets you display everything in an upright position, ensuring quick access and safe storage. Before I had a ceramic cup that I used for my brushes, so when I traveled I would have to transfer them to a case. Since I move around so often, they just ended up sitting in that case, making it hard for me to put on makeup at home. This one has a top that snaps together, leaving the whole thing ready to be thrown into the nook of your suitcase at a moment’s notice. Once you reach your destination, all it takes is one quick snap and you’re up and running! Ten-piece brush set available on Jenny Patinkin for $410.



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