Jimmy Choo Becka Large Shoulder Bag: The Best of Both Worlds

Jimmy Choo Becka Large Shoulder Bag

Leather and chains might look good in the dungeon, or better yet, catching the wind on the back of a Harley (or a Ducati if Italian engines are more your speed)…But when Jimmy Choo gets in touch with their tough side, they’re even better. Actually, the brand is often at their best when their accessories veer off into badass biker territory; a bit of the rough stuff amounts to glamour that doesn’t belong on the Vegas strip (not that that’s always a bad thing! I love Vegas).

This shoulder bag, though, doesn’t veer off completely. Instead, it happily treads the line with a super-clean front flap and a hint of sportiness. The long strap, topped with a moto-ready panel for padding, almost makes for a messenger style. Then the athletic vibe is countered with sophisticated details, through the sleek chain and quilted gussets. And it’s that juxtaposition that makes me raise a brow in total approval. It just goes to show, basic, easy (notice this is as neutral as a bag can be), and personality-driven: these are always the best bags that you end up using daily. At Saks Fifth Avenueicon for $1,725.

Pair with: A pointy pump with a heady mix of metal studs (in offbeat shades of gunmetal-blue and not-too-bright gold), pony hair, and suede by the master, Christian Louboutin. On Matchesicon for $988.



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