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The First Keratin-Infused Permanent Hair Color…And More


I’ve been highlighting my hair for about 15 years now. When I started it was once a year…now I’m at once every three months because my hair keeps growing back darker and darker. Can’t wait till grays get thrown in the mix……

It’s important to take care of your hair no matter how often you color treat it with color-specific, moisturizing products (color zaps moisture out), but now there’s something new we can do to not only protect our hair, but to strengthen it. I went to the John Sahag hair salon a few weeks ago to get my highlights touched up, and they used a new line of permanent hair color from Keratin Complex – it’s the first line of permanent hair color that’s enriched with Keratin (76 color options). Keratin is the main protein that makes up hair, so using hair color that’s formulated with it is an amazing way to help nourish our hair – I was shocked that Keratin Complex is the first and only haircare brand to offer in-salon color treatments with Keratin. For some reason I assumed this was a given ingredient!

To go along with their permanent color treatments they’ve launched (and will be launching more in the coming months), a slew of color products (including shampoo, conditioner, and masque), all formulated with Keratin, as well as styling products and a hairbrush that works on both wet and dry hair – this is very unique because hair is at its weakest when wet so you really don’t want to be brushing it when it’s wet (though I assume like me, most people are guilty of doing so anyway). Because this new paddle brush is so gentle it’s safe to brush hair when wet…thank G-d! I’ve been losing so much hair lately (so much for those Biotin supplements…), I’ll take anything that can save me a few strands!


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  1. This is the answer to my gray hair problem. That’s why I always have to dye my hair every after 3 months. May I know the price please? And if I could get this on ebay?

  2. I too have been colouring my hair for quite a few years now, and my problem is how weak it now is, I use argon oil for strength and a shampoo and conditioner called FAST its amazing! bx