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Marni Cut-Out Leather Tote: Check and Mate

Marni Cut-Out Leather Tote

A basic black bag? It’s never that simple with Marni. Designer Consuelo Castiglioni took one of the season’s biggest trends – houndstooth – and gave it a whole new look. We liked it on Marni’s printed clutch, but this style is so much more creative. The cut-outs look like enlarged pixels! The shape isn’t basic either. A triangular gusset makes it flatter than the classic duffel or doctor’s bag. There’s another layer of leather beneath the cut-outs to help it keep this shape. Here’s my one issue – the houndstooth isn’t as cleanly cut out as I’d like. The leather’s soft, causing the backing to fray and show. Though for this price, I’ll stop complaining. Besides, Marni bags aren’t meant for longevity – they’re cute, fun, and of-the-moment, and at this moment, I know I need to have it! Available on Farfetchicon for $902.43.



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