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Michael Kors Spring 2014 Collection: The American Dream

Michael Kors Spring 2014 Runway Show

Nobody does glamorous all-American ease like Michael Kors. Not that looking as good as the glowy models who poured down his Spring 2014 runway (for a hefty 56 looks in total) is easy, but Kors sure makes it look impossibly effortless. And isn’t that what glamour is all about? This year, he had me at the first burst of light and airy fur. Yes, fur. The forecast calls for April showers and May breezes, but fur (and cashmere and mohair) is on your fashion forecast. It’s time to start dressing up, old-school style! But there is nothing old-fashioned about this collection.

Kors lured me with texture, and he kept me hooked with a plethora of romantic prints so neutral they don’t read like prints at all. The big-picture effect is versatile and unbothered; even the grassy-floral print, showier than the rest, remains neutral. It’s no surprise he capitalizes on all the classics – the trench coat, the Katharine Hepburn-esque trouser, the slit pencil skirt, the sweater-and swingy skirt combo, all mainstays circa 1945 or 2013 – but they feel more modern than ever. Maybe it’s the jet-set appeal of the models’ bronzed skin, another Kors’ aesthetic staple…but no, it’s the clothes. Sometimes you don’t need theatrics when your dress (or leather blouse, for that matter) is this pretty. Even python and crocodile pieces are minimally done with utmost good taste. With clean lines and just enough softness, it made for an overall feel that’s sporty and casual, comfortable and comforting, and just a tad seductive. American, indeed.

Michael Kors Spring 2014 Runway Show



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