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Scarabocchi di Patipò Changing Mat and Body Set: Tiny Traveler

Scarabocchi di Patipò Changing Mat and Body Set

While baby changing pads aren’t exactly known for being cute, Scarabocchi di Patipò‘s has just as much style as it does function. The roll out mat comes with a detachable pillow so that your tots don’t bonk their heads. Though a pillow may sound excessive, when you’re in a rush and lay your baby down, the head tends to touch the surface before the rest of the body (infants have giant heads for their body size). When the mat is rolled out, you have access to three pockets – the perfect number for diapers, wipes, and diaper rash cream. And your tot will love the feel of the soft, organic jersey. An added bonus? A precious little onesie! Once you’re all set to go, just fold up the mat and throw it in your bag. Sure it’s a luxury at this price, but it’s so convenient and easy to wash – imagine what an amazing gift this would be! On Luisa via Romaicon for $178.



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