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Viktor & Rolf Jeweled Cuff Bag: Croc ‘n’ Roll

Viktor & Rolf Jeweled Cuff Bag

You know how I feel about wristlets – I’m all about having freedom. But now it seems a boring leather strap is a waste of an accessorizing opportunity. Viktor & Rolf kick it up at least five notches with not just a cuff but one with a freaking alligator tied up in a bow!! As should all alligators be when presented to me. It’s ridiculous how brilliant it is, so needless to say, my next cocktail will come paired with this dangling at my side. The clutch is basic – it would be crime to compete with the impact your wrist is making. On (where I have developed a very healthy obsession) in etched black velvet or python print metallic velvet for $1,295 each.

You can also get just the cuff ($575) so you are not limiting this stunning gem with your bag choice.

Viktor & Rolf Jeweled Cuff Bag



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