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Carven Colorblock Small Tote: Live and Let Live

Carven Colorblock Small Tote

Carven has really stepped their game up from their trademark cute, little canteen bags. While they’re still adorable, the Parisian brand is now giving us something we can sink our snobby teeth into: a “real” bag that works around the clock. This subtly colorblocked mini-tote exudes laidback chic at its coolest. An effortless blend of two timeless textures, the soft suede body gives the bag a bit of needed slouch (to avoid a totally boxy shape), and the juxtaposing grained-leather flap keeps it feeling polished.

The color palette also strikes the right balance: soft tones of muted blue and brown make the blocked combination feel natural and organic, not contrast-y and heavy-handed. Just like that nonchalantly gorgeous Parisian girl we all want to be (or at least dress like), this little tote stands out in the right way. Rather than boldly crying out for attention, it plays it cool – and it’s bags like these I want to live in. On Farfetch for $964

Pair with: Invest in a wedge boot that will carry you through the season. Marni keeps their four inches nice and simple with polished black leather and a touch of gold via the functional zipper pull. At Bergdorf Goodman for $830.



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  1. Hmmm – I’m not convinced. I find it oddly proportioned, and the straps that are draped around the top of the bag are very peculiar.