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eBay Now: Beauty Emergency? No Problem…


I couldn’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve found myself in a cab off to start my night only to start profusely sweating and be in need of deodorant. Now thanks to eBay Now if ever I’m at a bar or at a meeting or on the go non-stop and need something, they will deliver it in about an hour via messenger. Broken heel? Smelly armpits? Stained clothes? No problem! And for a limited time, NYC shoppers who make a purchase using eBay Now will receive their purchase in a Richard Chai-designed tote (even if you’re ordering nothing more than a $4 deodorant!).

The cost of delivery is a mere $5 and they literally have anything and everything you can think of since they pull from retailers like Bloomingdale’s, Target and a bunch of others. The service is currently available in San Francisco, the Bay Area Peninsula, San Jose, and New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens).


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