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Lipault Paris Foldable 22″ Wheeled Carry On Bag: Packing Lust

Lipault Paris Foldable 22" Wheeled Carry On Bag

For those of us with storage limitations (and that would be everyone – I live in the suburbs, and my closet is still bursting!), Lipault Paris’ foldable carry on is perfection in a bag. The lightweight luggage folds up flat, making it easy to store under a bed or tuck away at the edge of a closet. I have duffels that flatten, but you really want a structured carry on to protect your belongings. If you’re bringing something on the plane, odds are it’s precious, whether it’s a special bag, jewelry, or glass keepsakes.

When it comes time to break out the Lipault, you have tons of room to store these necessities (though there’s a larger 25″ version if you want a suitcase rather than a carry on), a stand to keep them upright, and wheels, which are a true godsend on long trips – you don’t want to have to cardio train for your trip. My favorite features are the bright colors, though. Everyone travels with a black bag, so if you decide to check your carry on, finding it on the baggage claim carousel will be a true scavenger hunt. Besides, your luggage doesn’t need to coordinate with the rest of your outfit – that’s unnecessary pressure when you’re on vacation! On Shopbop for $189.

Lipault Paris Foldable 22" Wheeled Carry On Bag



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