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Proenza Schouler Fall 2013 Closed Toe Pump: Oozing Sophistication

Proenza Schouler Fall 2013 Closed Toe Pump

Black and white continues to be on-trend, but that doesn’t mean you can get lazy and just throw on anything monochrome. Jack and Lazaro’s pointed toe pump comes from their Fall 2013 collection, which was defined by a lack of color and an abundance of sophistication. This is Proenza’s kind of sophistication, though – the kind the intrigues, even at its most ladylike. Because let’s be honest – b&w pumps are a dime a dozen right now. What sets these apart are the black toe caps. The organic formations look like spilled paint that’s still oozing. The edges are almost like scalloping, only far more interesting, and yet as strange as these are, they’re also completely wearable. The one issue is that they’re 4″ single sole heels, meaning you’ll be on the balls of your feet way more than you’d like to be, and with these toe caps, you’ll have odd bubbly marks left your feet as soon as you take the shoes off. Who really cares, though? By then you’ll be at home curling up in bed after a fun night out full of compliments! On for $645.



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