Paper Culture Bubble Up Photo Decals: A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Bubbles

Paper Culture Bubble Up Photo Decals

I just had holiday pictures taken, and now that I’ve spent all that money on such precious photos, I want to make sure they’re well displayed! These vibrant wall decals would brighten up any room, but since tots love looking at themselves, their bedrooms would be the best places. Have a section of the space done or even just one wall. Since the bubbles stick to any smooth surface, you can also put them on dressers, bookshelves, mirrors – the ceiling’s the limit! There are three different color options (and different styles like Polaroid and comic bubbles, though those look more like having photos up rather than building them into a decorative theme), allowing you to find the ones that best coordinate with your tot’s room.

Thanks to the decals’ water-based adhesive, they are removable, so if you make a mistake applying or if your tot wants to play with the feng shui of the room later on, it’ll be a no-hassle, non-sticky quick change. Plus, in the spirit of the eco-friendly photo decals, Paper Culture plants a tree with each order. And if you sign up for their e-mails, you get 15% off! Consider this an early holiday gift for your whole family to enjoy. On Paper Culture for $49.99.



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