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Federica Rettore Double Baroque Pearl Diamond Ring: Two If By Sea

Federica Rettore Double Baroque Pearl Diamond Ring

Perfection is not only overrated, it’s boring, which is why I gravitate towards unique pieces like Federica Rettore’s double baroque (a.k.a. non-spherical) pearl diamond ring. In fact, unique is not the right word – this is one-of-a-kind. The Italian jeweler uses rare gems like Paraiba tourmaline to create her masterpieces, and I love this deep sea beauty best of all. The fresh water white pearl and gray Australian pearl ooze together like gleaming white magma across the ring. Their rose gold frame molds and curves around the finger, as if alive and breathing. These pearls may be “imperfect,” but that’s where the charm takes over, offering an almost ethereal sense of style. Plus, you know you’re talking about an incredible piece when nearly three carats worth of diamonds are barely worth mentioning…Available at Marissa Collectionsicon for $9,400.



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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more, what a beauty! As a jewelry designer myself, I absolutely adore the Baroque pearls for their perfectly imperfect look. It’s more fresh and organic feeling than the traditional classic pearls.