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Glam & Go: Workout and Get a Professional Blowout in the SAME Place


I have anxiety issues leaving my Chelsea gym because it’s located within arm’s length of where about 1,000,000,000 people I know work. There is not one day – no matter how cold, rainy, or snowy it is – that I don’t leave that gym wearing sunglasses. Why? Because for me to look presentable it takes a good 30 minutes, and I don’t feel like fighting for the blow driers and counter space at my gym…I’d rather dash to the subway in my hat and sunnies and make myself over in the peace of my apartment! Now however thanks to a new service called Glam & Go I can get my hair to look NOT like a sweaty, nasty mess in just 15 minutes…well, when they come to Barry’s Bootcamp at least (can you guys get on that??). See, Glam & Go is a new (and the first), in-gym blow dry bar for gym-obsessed people on-the-go. They recently launched with Exhale in two Manhattan locations and have a number of big studio names in the works. Started by Erika Wasser, the company offers post-workout hair touch-ups ($20 for 15 minutes or $40 for 30 minutes).

“The impetus behind Glam & Go is that I was trying to get in shape, and while it may sound futile, the biggest barrier between me and the gym was my hair,” Wasser told me. “I’d have the time to work out, but not the time needed afterwards to go back to life looking up to par”….boy, can I relate! Kind of awesome that for just $20 you can get your sweaty tresses made over without even having to leave your gym…


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