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Frugal Friday: Epsoak Epsom Salt

Frugal Friday

With all the luxe salts I buy, my love of baths has recently been turning into a financial liability. Before someone decided to stage an intervention, I took matters into my own hands and tried the DIY route. It doesn’t require a chemistry degree or anything too complicated – just your sense of smell. I started out with a 20-lb. bag of Epsoak epsom salt (on Amazon for $34.99). I wasn’t joking about loving baths! The high-grade salt is a natural remedy for muscle tension that will flush out the toxins from your skin to help it better absorb nutrients. Add a dash to a nice, long soak or an at-home pedicure.

You could spend hundreds on expensive apothecary jars to store the Epsoak in, but these three (at Kmart for $23.99) from Kmart look just as pretty! One can hold the salt, while the other two house soaps or decorative mementos. While the Epsom comes lightly scented with lavender, you can have an even better aromatherapy session by adding a favorite essential oil. I have a sampler set from Brooklyn favorite Kis Oils (on Amazon for $25.65) that lets you customize your bath depending on your mood. Orange for a lift, peppermint to ease the nerves, etc. The oils are so concentrated that you only need a few drops. Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s been a long week – I’m going to take a soak!

Frugal Friday



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