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Kashwére Mini Throw with Zip Pouch: Have Blanket, Will Travel

Kashwere Mini Throw with Zip Pouch

With all the traveling I do there is one thing I cannot live without – the comfort and feel of home offered by my Kashwére blanket. The compact design has a zip-around pouch that turns into a pillowcase capable of making even the most awful airline pillows into little slices of heaven. Sure it still takes up room in my carry-on, but this is the one thing that makes traveling so much easier on the mind and spirit. The soft, luxurious chenille instantly puts me at ease, and no matter how small the seat or who is next to me, I am in my own cozy nest. The pouch has enough room to hold my eye mask, headphones, and iPad so that it’s all neatly organized when I board. Kashwére also has an extensive line of robes, blankets, and jackets for tots that are not to be missed! Feel lavishly pampered even in coach. Kashwére mini throw on Kashwére for $75.



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