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Khaleda Rajab + Fahad al Marzouq for Linda Farrow: Feline Fatale

Khaleda Rajab + Fahad al Marzouq for Linda Farrow

How fun are these? When you see crazy sunglasses, you know Linda Farrow is involved. Here she’s enlisted Bahraini fashion designer Khaleda Rajab and Kuwaiti shoe and bag designer Fahad al Marzouq to lend their eyes for style to a new set of eyes – those of the cat variety. And while the glasses style is known for its slick elegance, these Spring/Summer 2014 kitties are all kitsch. I love how cleverly they turn the edge of the cat eyes into cat ears. If you’re too busy to pick out a splashy outfit, but can’t leave the house without looking like a spectacle, just throw these on and go – black if you think this look already makes enough of a statement or mirrored blue if you want that statement to be even louder. Available in black and blue at Luisa via Roma for $320.



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