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Owl’s Brew: A Tea Crafted For Cocktails


If ever there was something that could get me excited for cocktail hour it would be Owl’s Brew. The brand makes fresh brewed tea crafted specifically for cocktails (I’m a tea not vodka lover…rather spend my calories on chocolate and cookies!). The cocktails end up having on average 1/3 of the calories of your classic ones, and the teas are sweetened with all-natural agave, have no preservatives, concentrates or artificial flavors. How it works is easy – mix two parts tea with one part booze. So you’ll get your buzz, but also the benefits of their teas, which are all fresh-brewed in micro-batches using whole, real ingredients (herbs, spices, and fruits). The best part is that not only can you buy Owls Brew at gourmet food retailers, but there are a bunch of restaurants that serve it as well! Check out the list here. For example their Coco-Lada is a black tea made with chai spices, coconut, and pineapple juice and designed to be paired with rum. They also have The Classic, an English breakfast with lemon and lime designed to be paired with vodka or gin. See the full line-up here. If you’re going to be drinking, might as well drink healthy…save the spare calories for chocolate 🙂


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