Join the #MatchaMovement with Panatea

Join the #MatchaMovement with Panatea

I’m completely matcha obsessed. It was such a dream to be able to have it all day, everyday and with everything when I was in Japan. Aside from having the tea in restaurants and tea shops I had matcha Oreos, matcha chocolate, matcha ice cream, matcha pastries, literally matcha EVERYTHING! Matcha is still very much under the radar here in the States however, but a brand, Panatea, and their #MatchaMovement hashtag are doing an amazing job at changing that. Not only does matcha taste great (at least I think so…), but it’s so much better for you than traditional green tea because it comes in powder form that gets whisked together with hot water (just below boiling), meaning you’re ingesting the ground leafs. Panatea’s Ceremonial Grade Matcha Set ($54) is awesome for anyone already obsessed or looking to get into matcha. Made in Japan the tea set comes with a 30g matcha tin (filled with enough tea for 30 full servings), a 100-prong bamboo whisk, a double wall glass bowl and a custom measuring scoop. The scoop is great because it lets you know the exact amount you should put into the glass bowl that the set comes with. Even better because matcha is a powder you can easily work it into your recipes for healthy summer treats.



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