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Rochas Cardinale Leather Tote: Ahead of the Curve

Rochas Cardinale Leather Tote

Working pastels into your repertoire is an obvious necessity come spring, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily feel like you need a round bag right about now. If you’re unsure, I’ll make it easy for you to decide: the answer is YES.

When it comes to shapes, we go from structured to slouchy and back again in a matter of months (sometimes weeks), but for this season, as well as the foreseeable future, it is all about the rounded silhouette. But you don’t want to veer off into kooky territory. Enter Rochas and their Cardinale tote.

Think soft yet unapologetic curves. With this bag, you get the feel (and fun) of a novelty shape, but in reality, it’s as functional as anything you’ll ever come across. In fact, the gentle angles and rounded edges feel more natural and comfortable than a rigid, hard-headed rectangular tote. Of course, this shade of pale blue is perfectly sweet and dreamy for spring, but the real selling point here is the versatility. When white feels too stark and bold color too harsh, this tote will fill the gaps – as well as that circle-shaped hole in your closet. Rochas bag at MATCHESFASHION.COMicon for $2,207.

Pair with: Speaking of necessity, why not throw on something completely unnecessary? Like Shourouk’s totally frivolous baseball cap, embellished with crystals and set in bubblegum-pink tweed. On NET-A-PORTERicon for $980.



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