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The Body Shop Hemp Range and the Benefits of Hempseed Oil

The Body Shop Hemp Range and the Benefits of Hempseed Oil

I’ll resist the urge to make some hemp-related joke as the truth is hemp and hempseed oil in particular make for fantastic skincare ingredients! Hempseed oil is very high in omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids so they’ll help to moisturize, but also nourish your skin. The Body Shop hemp range is a fantastic frugal way to get those benefits. They have a range that includes moisturizing hand wash, hand protector (their #1 seller statewide), body butter, foot protector, hand oil, and hand butter. I love the hand butter, which I now just keep on my desk and moisturize as needed throughout the day. It’s fast-acting and fast-absorbing. The only downside is it doesn’t have the best scent. Ever notice that scent that odorless products have? They’re never really totally odorless and that’s what you can expect from this. It’s not a bad smell per se, just not something bright and flower-y. All of the products are made with Community Trade hemp seed oil, which has a high concentration of essential fatty acids and the oil comes from hemp plants grown in England.

Alternatively you can also pick up some hemp protein powder or hemp oil at your local Whole Foods (they’re very pro hemp!) and blend it with your favorite haircare and skincare products to boost their efficacy if you’re looking for some added moisture.


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