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Charlotte Olympia Xena Triple-Buckle Leather Platform Sandal: The Cage Match

Charlotte Olympia Sandal

Cutesy cats and candy anklets, take a seat! Charlotte Olympia’s sweet side has given way to something much darker and sexier. You best be prepared to accept the overtly seductive quality exuded by these shoes, or don’t even bother. The majorly hot platforms should come with a bodyguard, but a proud boyfriend or husband will do. You also might want to hold onto his arm when walking in these. At 6 inches high, they’re not exactly easy to maneuver! Clearly comfort was never meant to be the end goal here, though. In fact, quite the opposite. With the golden rings and studs, you might look at these as gilded cages…though I bet that wasn’t the first thing the cage construction brought to mind. Go ahead and let your fantasies run wild! Every once in a while and Snob needs to buckle up and try something just a little more daring. Available at Neiman Marcus for $1,695.



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