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Clarins Blush Crème: A Brush with Greatness

Clarins Blush Crème

When it comes to blush, too much of a good thing is downright garish. For perfect application, cream is a must. It gives you control of the amount used as well as a natural finish, as opposed to that cakey look you get from powder. Clarins Blush Crème is my favorite right now because it’s cream-based yet appears matte and very soft, whether you’re using the summery peach or the most vibrant – grenadine. Instead of applying via a concentrated dot on your finger, use a brush. It picks up just enough so that you can build up to your desired warmth. Unlike stickier creams, this won’t ruin your brush. In fact, it will be left perfectly dry, ready for next time!

I prefer an angled brush for ultimate precision. You just want the color on the apples of your cheeks (smile wide to identify where to apply). bareMinerals ($16) offers a nice Frugal option, though I suggest investing in Dior’s ($49) that will promise longevity on your vanity. And then there’s the blush packaging! Of course it’s not as important as the contents, but how glamorous will it feel to whip out a gorgeous, gold compact? At Nordstrom for $30.

Clarins Blush Crème



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