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MIYU Beauty Combines Tea and Skincare


I’ve got the best under $50 hostess gift for you! The above duo is from MIYU Beauty, a brand that specializes in two of my favorite things: tea and skincare. How beautiful and adorable is this kit? I love the pastel Ladurée-esque shade. Their kits retail for $42 and come with a tea and skincare product designed specifically to hydrate. The tea is a flavorful blend of green rooibos (studies have shown that it may help with weight loss), goji berries, rose petals, and snow pear. Better yet, it’s a caffeine-free blend so you can drink this skin-boosting antioxidant tea right before bed when your skin is working extra hard to repair itself. The key ingredient in the the tea is the green rooibos, which has the flavonoids to fight the free radicals responsible for skin’s aging. The goji berries also help boost collagen production. As for the skincare essence, it’s a lightweight mist that’s designed to help your skin retain water.  It’s also refreshing – just apply it pre-moisturizer.


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