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3C4G Towel Sets: Bag It Up

3C4G Towel Sets

The official start of summer is just two days away, and that means swim class, pool parties, and trips to the beach are already penciled in! To keep the madness at bay, get your tot one of these 3C4G sets. The cotton terry velour towels fit neatly inside their matching crossbody bags, which also leave room for goggles, an extra change of clothes, and sunscreen. There’s a variety of bright prints that girls will love (in case you were wondering, 3C4G stands for 3 Cheers for Girls), so they’ll actually want to carry their stuff and that’s one less thing for me to carry (below you can see my girls toting theirs after swim class)! With drawstring closures, there’s no need to worry about tots losing anything while they’re busy having fun. Plus, a terry bag is surprisingly better than a wet bag for damp swimsuits. Leave them in the steamy containment of a wet bag for a day, and the smell will be absolutely horrific. These make life just a little bit easier, and with all you’ve got planned this summer, every bit counts! On Amazon in I’m All Heart ($27.99) and Solar Flair ($24.95).

3C4G Towel Sets



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