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Level Naturals Aromatherapy Fizzing Shower Bombs: Bombs Away!

Level Naturals Aromatherapy Fizzing Shower Bombs

As someone with an extensive bath ritual, it’s hard to get as excited by showers. You can’t really soak and you can’t use bath bombs, but now you can get the next best thing – shower bombs. Place one of these in the water’s stream (as far from the drain as possible), and as the shower hits, the most invigorating scent of menthol and eucalyptus will envelope your bathroom. It’s the perfect way to give yourself an early morning boost in case you hadn’t quite woken up yet. And it’s also a great way to get ready for bed too since the steamer is made with 100% natural essentials oils, including tea tree oil to help detox your feet after a long day of running around. My only issue was that the menthol aroma clashed with the scents of my shampoos, conditioners, etc, but this was so relaxing that I just might switch over to all minty products! It’s like turning your shower into a spa! 4-pack of Level Naturals shower bombs available on Amazon for $9.11.



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