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Luisa via Roma Firenze4Ever Style Lab, Part 2: Backpacking Around Europe

Luisa via Roma Firenze4Ever Style Lab

Tina and I designed the Snob Essentials Runway backpack for countless scenarios, and one of our favorites is travel. Whether you’re hiking around a tropical island or perusing the streets of Italy, this bag helps you get on your way, with no-muss, no-fuss. Who wants to spend time planning your outfit when you could be out exploring or shopping?

I loved shooting in front of Florence’s 1880 Tepidarium for our Luisa via Roma Firenze4Ever Style Lab, but to be honest, that printed dress was a view in itself! Pairing it with the backpack was a spirited way to wear Brazilian designer Fabiana Milazzo’s luxuriously beaded gown, especially with Idriss Guelai Atelier’s golden skeleton glove. Don’t let the ease of a backpack fool you – they need not be ultra-casual. If you want to make that point even clearer, throw on a pair of glittery Choos. The mirrored heel is the perfect accent to our polished jewel hardware. How would you style your Runway backpack? Snob Essentials Runway backpack ($98) on in the U.S. and on Luisa via Roma abroad. Fabiana Milazzo gown ($2,338), Idriss Guelai Atelier glove ($2,138), and Jimmy Choos ($595) on Luisa via Roma.

Luisa via Roma Firenze4Ever Style Lab

Luisa via Roma Firenze4Ever Style Lab



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  1. I love this bag although when I attempt to purchase, I am receiving an error message that it is unavailable to ship to the US. Can US residents purchase from this website? Thank you,