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Nancy Gonzalez Small Framed Mink Fur Clutch Bag: A Fur Foray

Nancy Gonzalez Small Framed Mink Fur Clutch Bag

Nancy’s foray in to new exotics is as exciting as the bags themselves. When the queen of crocodile takes on a new (and arguably equally decadent) material, you take notice. So it’s no surprise that with her masterful touch and ever-elegant aesthetic, Nancy Gonzalez is able to convert the fur bag into something seriously sophisticated.

Mink is something I know she is fond of, so don’t expect plain old dark mink from her: pristine white mink is the pinnacle of tactile lust. This is a small frame clutch, sans any unnecessary bells and whistles. The structure keeps the effect as simple as can be, allowing the fur to speak for itself. And don’t think just because this is fur it’s without a hint of skin. If you’re wondering where the crocodile is, it covers the chain-link handle. Naturally, the deep, dark contrast is the perfect finishing touch to enhance the creamy puff of cloud that is the bag. At Neiman Marcus for $2,500.

Pair with: Chokers are having a moment right now and so is cult designer Wendy Nichol. Her black leather and silver choker takes this bag in an edgy direction. At Barneys New York for $315.

Nancy Gonzalez Small Framed Mink Fur Clutch Bag



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