Nikos Koulis Jewelry: Such Stuff as Dreams are Made On

Nikos Koulis Jewelry

More often than not, fine jewelry and edgy jewelry are mutually exclusive, which is exactly why Greek designer Nikos Koulis stands out. The motifs of stars, spikes, and chains run throughout his statement-making line, both demanding and deserving your attention. A diamond, ruby, and gold ring ($3,190) caught my eye first thanks to its unusual sense of dimension (A ruby hanging from rhodium-plated chains inside the band of a ring? You won’t find that at Tiffany’s!). We also see that dangling style come together with the star theme on a magnetic earring ($1,121) that can be worn either on the lobe or at the top of the ear. Here Nikos is creative in his design, but also offers clients the opportunity to be creative in their styling of the piece. He takes inspiration for these ethereal jewels from dreams, turning his dreams into your sparkly, little realities! Available at MATCHESFASHION.COM.



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