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Pick Your Facial Wipes Wisely: Dr. Lin Skincare Acne Cleansing Wipes

Pick Your Facial Wipes Wisely

Wipes have exploded. They’re so easy to use on the go, and when you’re like me and easily break out if you don’t cleanse right after sweating, they’re crucial, so it’s nice to have so many options on the marketplace. I recently read a great article on them that I’d highly recommend everyone read if you’re a frequent wipe user like myself – especially if you find sensitive areas like your eyes getting irritated when you use them. The key for me is to use wipes as a first step when I’m removing my makeup or to use them when I’m out and about, and notice that I’m sweating a lot. Using them as a replacement for cleanser-toner is not a good idea and I have yet to find a wipe that effectively removes heavy eye makeup (Know one? Please tell me in the comments!). For a skin refresher and breakout prevention tool however Dr. Lin Skincare acne cleansing wipes ($8.99 for 35) were a go-to on my recent Euro trip. They’re medicated, but you can wipe your face with them without feeling your skin getting so dry that you require moisturizing right after application, something that is key when I’m on the go. Salicylic acid is the key active and it’s one of the handful of products that the brand – focused on acne treatment – has developed to treat and prevent skin flare-ups.


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  1. For eye makeup, I like the Simple brand eye makeup removal pads. Heavy eye makeup may require using more than one pad. I wear a natural look (plus lash extensions) and these are great. They’re oil free, though, so mascaras that require an oil based remover will not remove easily with these pads.

    For a facial makeup remover, I like Bert’s Bees in grapefruit. My face doesn’t feel oily or dry. The towelettes contain a little oil so don’t use near or on lash extensions.