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RALUCCA Feather Jewelry: Plumes in Bloom

RALUCCA Feather Jewelry

Feather jewelry can be hit or miss, depending on the quality of the materials and the sophistication of the design. Using delicate, swirling plumes and chains of stones, Raluca Ostasz gives the style a sense of feminine elegance. Her limited edition pieces seem as if they come from the richest depths of the jungle, but of course they come right from her studio! She told me that she loves rain forests and is fascinated by the “powerful force that is beyond the obvious, the force that makes things alive, generating constant movement of matter and energy.” With dyed goose feathers, green onyx drops, and pebble-like pyrite stones, that magical sense of motion reveals itself in these green earrings, a reimagining of forest ferns. To see more of the inspiration behind the jewelry, check out the mood board above! RALUCCA green feather earrings available on for $300.



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