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Shower Yourself in Coffee with Mr. Bean


Do you ever wake up so tired you wish you could just shower your body in caffeine so that all your pores could soak it up? I kind of feel that way every weekday morning when my alarm rings…meh! Luckily now I can shower myself in caffeinated goodness, pre my Nespresso shot, thanks to Mr. Bean Body Care coffee scrub ($17.95). The new organic line uses a coffee ground base (the ingredient is great for circulation when incorporated into skincare products). The coffee explains the black hue and pretty much as soon as you open the bag and take some of the formula out to scrub your body you’ll get a very strong coffee whiff. It’s also easy to see that the product is mostly made of coffee grounds – which is good and bad. The product feels great; it exfoliates without being too harsh and again if you love the scent of fresh coffee, this is amazing to wake up to in the morning. The problem is that it’s not that easy to wash off all of the scrub. Every time I’ve used it I found a few random coffee grounds stuck to my body after getting out of the shower. I’ve also found that they stick to the floor of my shower so I need to make a point to really wash it out so that I don’t have any black marks. That said it’s a very unique scent that lingers even after you get out of the shower, which I love and all the ingredients are organic and recognizable to the point that if you wanted to, you could eat this scrub!


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