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Snob or Slob: Glitter French Manicure


There are few nail looks as dated as the French manicure, but what about the latest twist on the outdated look – the glitter French manicure? It’s definitely a fresh take. Pinterest has been flooded with images that offer up ideas for countless variations. Clearly some are better (read more tasteful) than others. I’m not a fan of colorful glitter or glitter that’s too thick when it comes to this look. By far the coolest variation I’ve seen is the above matte black with small specked silver glitter look. The black-silver combo is versatile since it can go with most looks, versus a bright take on this trend which would require you to tone down your look. Aside from aesthetics, as a lover of glitter polish I like that this nail trend allows me to add a little sparkle but not have to deal with removing that much glitter, which as anyone who has ever used a flecked polish can attest to, is very time consuming! On that note check out the Sephora Collection Instant Nail Polish Remover Wipes ($8)…I was sent a sample and find them to be not only useful for my summer travel, but for getting off stubborn nail polish since it’s a lot easier to rub than with cotton.


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  1. Call me old-fashioned, but I’m a fan of the French manicure in all its variations. 🙂 This is really cool, although I have never tried black polish. I might give it a try!