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Lele Sadoughi: Summer Staples

Lele Sadoughi

After making a name for herself as the designer of statement-making jewels at J. Crew, Lele Sadoughi started her own line in 2011. Her 14k gold-plated pieces are just as wearable and versatile as her Crew designs were bold. My favorites are the summer staples, like the Sputnik earrings ($125) Gwyneth Paltrow wore on the red carpet earlier this year. As perfect as they are for this season, they also work well in your accessories rotation year-round. Take the Palm Leaf necklace ($398). Of course it speaks to warm weather fun, but the “leaves” are so abstract that you can take it all the way into winter. Or if you prefer a longer necklace, the Maraca ($225) will update any look with its on-trend circular pendant. The 34” chain will layer over the simplest of black shirts to dramatic effect. Just add a pair of heels, and your casual jeans and tee turn into the perfect date night ensemble! Available on Charm & Chain.



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  1. I’m one for accessories, It really doe not have to be real gold or real stones that will kill my bank account though, in reality who is actually going to come up to you and actually insult you by asking if it’s a real piece or not ? then they deserve what’s coming to them for n answer is anyone’s guess I suppose…The pieces here a very pretty and you can find many look a like’s for much less of the price as well and still have the look going on…that just my way of putting together a look for less and not getting poor while doing so unless of course you are married to a prince or something like that Lol!