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Lierac Magnificence Eyes Precision Eye Care


Time and time again we’re told to treat the delicate skin around our eyes in a gentle manner. Unfortunately sometimes when you’re half asleep applying your eye cream at 6AM with no time to spare can be easier said than done, which is why I love eye products that don’t require actually touching your eye area. Lierac Magnificence Eyes Precision Eye Care (on Amazon for $77.45) comes in a wand meaning all you have to do is turn the end once or twice and brush on the product. The first time you use it you’ll have to turn about a dozen times but do so slowly or else risk, like me, having a whole dollop of product come gushing out at once. The wand is part of Lierac’s new Magnificence collection (there is a facial at PHYTO Universe to go along with it), and aside from the pen-wand applicator being easy to manipulate, the formulation itself is fast drying, non-sticky, and lightweight. While I like this because I don’t need to use my hands, you could always use the pen to dot a little bit of the cream and then use your fingers to tap it in if you find that to be more effective…just remember to always use your ring finger as it’s your weakest!


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