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Frugal Friday: Joyo Cuff Bracelets

Frugal Friday

I talk a lot about layering cuffs and bracelets, but Joyo cuffs need no accompaniment. The laser cut jewelry is handmade by designer Jenn Liddiard from walnut and birchwood, layered over either silver or black aluminum, depending on your tastes. The geometric patterns recreate the look of everything from simple squares and leaves to complex webs and Art Deco styles, so it will come as no surprise to read that Jenn began her career as a graphic designer. She finds inspiration for these by, “looking for patterns in ordinary places, like storm drains, sidewalk bricks, window grates, and fences – things that normally blend into our everyday surroundings.” Though my favorite is the “Grid,” with such frugal-friendly prices, there’s no need to play favorites at all – grab a few! The neutral designs are easy to coordinate with, and each one comes lined with 100% recycled ultrasuede for comfort. Joyo cuff bracelets on Joyo for $65 each.



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