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Givenchy Rave Metallic Leather Frame Bag: Space Oddity

Givenchy Rave Metallic Leather Frame Bag

When you think “frame bag,” you envision a ladylike, possibly vintage piece. Leave it to Riccardo Tisci to bring the style into the 21st century and way beyond! Despite the name, this is less the kind of bag you would carry to a rave (which is clearly a crossbody occasion) and more the kind of thing astronauts would pack their lunches in (it was designed as cheeky take on the to-go bag, after all)…which is not bad! Especially given my love for sci-fi. That said, this silver sliver isn’t for everyone. Even for someone who likes the look, it poses a bit of an issue. Though metallics are a must for fall and winter, a mirrored leather bag like this gives off a youthful, almost childish vibe, partially due to its small size. Deft styling is required, but once done right, nothing will be more fun! Givenchy Rave bag available at Lane Crawfordicon for $1,125.

Givenchy Rave Metallic Leather Frame Bag



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