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Lanvin Private Embroidered Clutch: Privacy Please

Lanvin Private Embroidered Clutch

Fact: An elegant and timeless clutch is never wrong. Another fact: Lanvin excels at creating elegant and timeless clutches, pieces that are as refined and nuanced as they are quietly evocative of the house and the distinct brand of femininity they represent.

This one has the structured allure of a hard-case minaudière, but it also has the textural ease and approachability that comes with suede. It’s the best of both worlds. Usually too dressy to fit relaxed occasions, it’s not always easy or appropriate to use a minaudière. I feel like the evening or event has to be heightened (gala, fancy cocktail party, you get the idea), so my hard cases tend to stay locked up in my closet while my effortless clutches get a lot more love.

Not with the Private clutch! In navy blue or black, the diamond embroidery motif lends plenty of subtle intrigue, while the hard golden edges turn up the sense of sophistication. The result: a staple that will be kept anything but private. Lanvin Private clutch available in black on Forward by Elyse Walker, blue at Marissa Collectionsicon, and red on NET-A-PORTERicon for $1,385 – $1,390.

Pair with: The mid-calf skirt is having a major moment, and Donna Karan’s draped-meets-geometric blend of neoprene and jersey layers is something you’ll wear more times than you can count. On NET-A-PORTERicon for $1,295.

Lanvin Private Embroidered Clutch



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